Because Your Privacy Matters.

Next-generation VPN that is exclusively yours.

Our Solution.

GYPC is a next-generation virtual private network (VPN) app that provides unparalleled security and privacy for your personal data. Its advanced network security software protects all network communications from your device, even untrustworthy networks, while its privacy by design architecture ensures that your personal information is kept safe. GYPC is deployed in your own cloud, giving you a private, AI-ready VPN that is truly next-gen. With GYPC, you can enjoy complete privacy and security online, knowing that your data is protected by the best technology available.


Securing your data should never compromise your privacy.


The world of cybersecurity is complex and confusing. GYPC makes it simple. One app, one click and your data is more secure.


Built with industry leading open source tools leveraging cloud infrastructure, GPYC can scale with any organization at any speed.


GYPC’s proprietary AI suite independently learns and dynamically manages cyber risk; securing data in realtime. Available in our AI Edition.

Our Founders.

George Slessman and William Slessman are the co-founders of GYPC. Prior to starting the company, the brothers have successfully founded and exited several technology businesses including IO Data Centers which they grew into one of the largest data center providers in the world, eventually selling it to Iron Mountain for more than $1.3 billion in 2018. With a successful track record in the technology industry, the Slessman brothers launched GYPC to provide a next-generation virtual private network (VPN) app that provides unparalleled security and privacy for your personal date. They have engineered technology for over 1000 Enterprises, Service Providers and Governments including, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Reed Elsevier and US Securities and Exchange Commission.

George Slessman

Co-Founder & CEO

Bill Slessman

Co-Founder & CTO

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